Make me burn.




You might of heard by now, but Catwa has just lost her marbles and released one of her beautiful mesh heads for just 100L!  You also get 30L instore credit for buying it, so really its just 70L!  MADNESS!

When I first tried it on it didn’t like my shape much and I had quite a big chin, if this happens to you…don’t worry!  Edit your shape and change your head stretch.  A lot of people think if you buy a mesh head you’ll look the same as everyone else, but skins can make you unrecognizable from the original head or someone with a different skin.  That’s one of the things that are so great about them, hunting for the perfect skin can be an adventure but the results are so very, very worth it!

It’s also worth noting this amazing head is static, meaning no blinking or scripts in it which is great if you spend your SL in a laggy environment, such as runways, raids or dance competitions. But!  If you do have a normal Catwa head you can also make those static!  Just make a copy, attach the animation hud. Next click the red button at the bottom side of your animation hud and delete the scripts. You can then detach the hud which won’t work anymore and that head is now static.  Just remember to make sure you have your favorite lipstick and settings on before you do it.

Now, on to showing you the new Nicki head!  With this skin I really think I look a little like Rachel Weisz…right?  RIGHT?



POSE –  Custom pose by {Soar}

CLOTHING –17b28b4386d925935f0c38c70b0a5055





Picture taken on location at The Outer garden. If you’re looking for a beautiful sim thats got wintery colours, this place is really worth taking a visit to.  It’s magical, frosty and very elegant.



As always you can check the full image from this post out at my Flickr here or more pictures other great locations around SL at my snapshot flickr here.

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