One Mad party!

Pppsssst! Hey,  Did you know there is only 2 days, 3 hours and 51 minutes until The Arcade opens it’s doors!?  There are SO many amazing things this round, you can check out a preview here.   But in the spirit of the Summer, I went to an amazing Mad beach party that was celebrating the most awesome set from MadPea!  It’s got everything you need for the perfect get together and they have a special HUD you can get after 50 pulls that will turn it into independence day colours!

My favourite parts of the set are the Pinata and the fireworks which are SO BRIGHT and beautiful!  They really light up the sky, you can check them both out further down my post as well as an amazing video!

Soon to be open as well is the Tropical Summer Fair!!  It’s got some of the best designers in SL taking part and I’ll be giving you a preview of whats to come in the next few posts.  I’m wearing a bikini by {JAS} that will be there and comes in several vibrant colours, it’s delicious.

Only 2 days, 3 hours and 42 minutes until the Arcade now!

NO! (2)


POSE –  Custom pose by {Soar} & {.:exposeur:.} Drunk On You.







The amazing decor and landscaping was done by the talented Kess Crystal.  You can find all the wicked party items in the MadPea gacha set for the Arcade to make you Mad party just as brilliant as ours was.


As always you can check the full image from this post out at my Flickr here or more pictures of other great locations around SL at my snapshot flickr here.

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