It’s been a while and to make up for it, look at all the pictures!   I was lucky enough to get my hands on this months SwagBag, which if you didn’t know is a subscription mystery crate that has a monthly theme for guys.  Now, despite being female I always find some items in it I can use and this month was no exception.   The scene, weapons and pose were all from SwagBag.   If you’d like to know more about SwagBag or fancy giving your guy, best male buddy, wingman or squeeze a great gift you can find out more here.

I had the chance to talk to Pucca Firecaster of PFC this week and she let me get my hands on her newest creation, “Fatale”!  Its this absolutely gorgous body suit that also comes with a version with pants.  Like all of her clothing its highly customisable with a massive colour and texture hud, so while I’m wearing the badass black there are some other colours that would make it perfect for fantasy or urban roleplay alike or be like be and let out your inner Dominatrix!  You can see the ad for it at the bottom of this post and it inspired me to purchase my first Belleza body.  I’ve always been a Maitreya girl but I’m finding myself with a whole new love for Belleza after this experience, I’ll do a blog post all about it in the future.  For now, take a look at all these goodies!




CLOTHING:  785fa085128284ab25829e472b0934f1





Fatale is coming to the next round of We ❤ RP and if you do one thing this month it should be to try this demo!  It comes in Belleza and Slink sizing and will give any girl a little femme Fatale.













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I’ll Never desert you.

It’s been a while!  The summers been busy, but not too busy to show you some amazing new releases from Plastik and JAS!  I do love some beautiful body chains, especially when they fit the Maitreya body as well as this set does and I’ve yet to find an outfit I can’t accessories with Plastik.

The skin is one I’ve had for a while and picked up in an event, but I absolutely love the tone of it.  I really recommend heading to Pepes store to check out a demo.


arab blog
POSE: *Eternal Dreams* Duchess. (@ Genre)


Top / Bottom – {JAS} Dune – bra & Pants. (@ We ♥ Rp)9ce06390c832c7409526e778d697b038


Earrings – :[P]:- Marris Earrings. (@ TLC)
Rings – {Secret Love} Delicate rings.
Chains – {JAS} Titu – upper arms and body. (@ TFC)
Toe rings – *MUKA* Ari Toe Rings.


Hair – [RA] Amber Hair.
skin – Pepe – Malika (nut)
Head – Catwa – Cindy head.
Eyes – {S0NG} :: Cho~ Green Eyes.
Body – Maitreya Lara.


Mister Humps – Birdy – Boho – Camel RARE.


Photos were taken on location at Tajukistan Tahari. It’s an active roleplay sim that allows photographers in with a visitors tag, just remember to respect and avoid anyone that’s busy with roleplay.  It’s really beautiful and great if you’re looking for a desert style location for a shoot.




As always you can check the full image from this post out at my Flickr here or more pictures of great locations around SL at my snapshot flickr here.

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Warriors return.

If you haven’t been to We ❤ RP by now, you’re missing out!  PFC has 3 amazing items out, the fur tunic I’m wearing but also the altar stones and a wooden cage.  It’s up to her usual brilliant standard of finish and the altar comes in pieces or all as one, whichever you prefer.  We were so inspired by it and her items that we’ve made another machinima featuring her work, you can see it further down.

The pose I’m using is from Exposeur who is having a big closing sale running until the 30th of June.  Go now and get some great poses at a bargain price before it’s too late!


PFC picture

Pose: Exposeur – Trying to hold on.

I’m wearing:






Krios is wearing:







As always you can check the full image from this post out at my Flickr here or more pictures of this machinima set other locations around SL at my snapshot flickr here.

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No grit, no pearl.

Whimsical is wonderful this round! My favourite was the Plastik Opaline gacha machine.  Antlers, feathers or claws are my huge weakness, so getting antlers with pearls strung across them was all sorts of perfection.  The hud for it was amazing too, well beyond the colour choices you’d normally expect.  They have pretty nets around them which I modded so I could just have the horns, but it makes them great for formal occasions as well as casual wear!  Take a look lower down this post to see the full range of colours and what’s included in the set.

They pair up great with Plastiks previous gacha item, the starstruck halo which really deserves to be seen in world to truly be appreciated.  What girl can say no to being crowned with glittering stars?!




Pose: Custom pose by {Soar}

Cosmetics –

Tattoos: .Things. – Vynis tattoo. (@FGC) 


 Body –

Accessories –

Main –


Plastik always gives high quality and awesome accessories, but this has to be my favourite set so far!  The colour hud for the horns gives you something for every occasion and the fact you can mod all her items makes them perfectly customization so you look unique




The photo was taken on location at The lost unicorn gallery! They have a stunning sim around them great for pictures as well as a great collection of breathtaking fantasy art from SL!  It’s well worth a look, don’t forget to bring carrots to feed the unicorns!




As always you can check the full image from this post out at my Flickr here or more pictures of great locations around SL at my snapshot flickr here.
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Hearts of the North.

To celebrate Krios’s most recent sponsor PPK, we decided to build an entire scenario using some of their awesome items!  To showcase this Krios filmed a video we directed together which you can find below.


[[KriosBlogs]] PPK Item Showcase.PNG



Krios is wearing:


Kes is wearing:



[[KriosBlogs]] PPK Item Showcase - Kes Style 01.PNG


The items in the video that are not mentioned below are from PPK. The bedroom set, the kitchen, the bathhouse and some of the items outside. 

Here is the list of other brands we used to decorate the scenario we built:

A a special thanks to ElieBoo and Silent for starring in the video with us as well as my super talented husband for editing the picture and making the video!




As always you can check out more pictures of the build and other locations around SL at my snapshot flickr here.


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Do you want to build a…

The new round of We ❤ RP has opened as well as the Chapter Four!  It’s a great round for both and well worth taking a peek at both.

Runaway hair is a brilliant creator of terrific tresses that always manages to come up with something unique.  This awesome hair is at ❤ RP and it’s wonderfully tussled.

If you’re anything like me you’re always on the lookout for new body paints, this set from Chapter four comes in 5 different colours within the hud and there are some great face paints that go with it that works with both Catwa heads AND default!




Pose: Custom pose by {Soar} & using Magic ball by IOS Magic Sphere.



Body paint – [[Ascend]] Chapter Four. – Maitreya (@ The Chapter Four.)

Face paint –  [[Ascend]] Chapter Four. – Catwa (@ The Chapter Four.)



Top/Pants – Moon Elixir – Freyja. (@ We ❤ RP.)


Hair:: [RA] Amber Hair.  (@ We ❤ RP.)



Bracers – Bauhaus Movement – Kirin Armor.

Belt – Moon Elixir – Freyja – Leg chain. (@ We ❤ RP)

Fur – =Zenith=vintage fur muffler.

Necklace – PFC~Trapped Soul.

Ears – [MANDALA] Steking ears.

Eyes – {SONG} :: Runa~ Blind Eyes.





My picture was taken on location at Golden wood, a beautiful little area that is a winter wonderland!  You can go to check it out here.





As always you can go to check out the full sized image on my Flickr here or you can take a peek at more photos of Golden wood on my snapshot Flickr here.

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Garden Belle.

This round of Genre is all about Belle Epoque!  There are some beautiful creations to make you get transported back in time, just take a look!

I love cigarettes and this one by Oddfish is absolutely awesome!  Check the animation video lower down the post to see the smooth movement the hud gives and it comes in two sizes with recolour choices!  I really adore it for looking classy and sexy.

The parasol from Xansa is well made, resizable and moddable.  I tinted the colours to match my dress and it comes with four different pose choices.

You can see the all the awesome previews for this round here.



Poses: +XAnSA+ Parasol en Chique (Pose1) & OF Virginia Telescopic Cigarette. (@ Genre)



Dress: Adoness : lilly lavinia : gown -arctic ocean. (@ Genre)


Hair: Doe: Lovely. (@ Epiphany)



Parasol: +XAnSA+ Parasol en Chique. (@ Genre)

Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai – Farfalla. (@ Genre)

Bracelets: Empyrean Forge – Circadian Cuffs.

Cigarette: Oddfish OF Virginia Telescopic Cigarette. (@ Genre)






For my pictures today I headed to Amatorum.  It’s paid membership for entry to a beautifffuulll sim or you can go in on their open to public days.



As always, you can see the full images on my Flickr here or head to my snapshot Flickr to see more pictures of Amatorum.

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