Penumbra showcase!

This post is going to be a super special one celebrating the end of Penumbra fashion week!  It’s been an amazing event with some really talented designers showcasing their Spring/Summer ranges.  I’ve compiled some of my all times favs below so you can get an eyeful and go get your hands on it before it’s too late!

My amazing husband put together a video showcasing them for me as well, you can take a peek below.






I could have made so many more amazing outfits for every occasion, but I limited myself to just 9!  I’ll list each item from left to right below.



Look one:











Look two:439395de3779d0b95af815353cb550bb








Look three:




Look four: 9bff78acedab2a00ff6060754ac198d6





Look five:4dac501fede76c3ffffa0fe5b5c41421





fa967ff1f5a1d3654e16a096fe69e4eeLook six:







689b3d32a2b8707444e7dbb8d7318a9eLook seven:








Look eight.







Look nine:efb26e73b27992326b93dcba4119b8de

Dress: RAYNE Whisp, strawberry – @ PENUMBRA.
Necklace: (Yummy) Shining Crystal Necklace.
Bracelet: Noodles – Positivity Bangles.
Shoes: fri. – Kendall.Platforms.
Hair: little bones. Freyja.








Thanks for checking out all the amazing outfits from this seasons Penumbra!  All my outfits were using a Maitreya body with Catwa head, as usual.



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