No grit, no pearl.

Whimsical is wonderful this round! My favourite was the Plastik Opaline gacha machine.  Antlers, feathers or claws are my huge weakness, so getting antlers with pearls strung across them was all sorts of perfection.  The hud for it was amazing too, well beyond the colour choices you’d normally expect.  They have pretty nets around them which I modded so I could just have the horns, but it makes them great for formal occasions as well as casual wear!  Take a look lower down this post to see the full range of colours and what’s included in the set.

They pair up great with Plastiks previous gacha item, the starstruck halo which really deserves to be seen in world to truly be appreciated.  What girl can say no to being crowned with glittering stars?!




Pose: Custom pose by {Soar}

Cosmetics –

Tattoos: .Things. – Vynis tattoo. (@FGC) 


 Body –

Accessories –

Main –


Plastik always gives high quality and awesome accessories, but this has to be my favourite set so far!  The colour hud for the horns gives you something for every occasion and the fact you can mod all her items makes them perfectly customization so you look unique




The photo was taken on location at The lost unicorn gallery! They have a stunning sim around them great for pictures as well as a great collection of breathtaking fantasy art from SL!  It’s well worth a look, don’t forget to bring carrots to feed the unicorns!




As always you can check the full image from this post out at my Flickr here or more pictures of great locations around SL at my snapshot flickr here.
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