Skate or Die!

Genre is open!  This round has a Sports theme and a ton of great items with something for everything from Baseball and boxing to cheerleading and surfing.  Krios and I couldn’t resist doing a joint pose showing off our skating skills with this awesome pose set from  Eternal Dream.


[[KriosBlogs]] Sk8
Photo edited  by Krios.
[[KriosBlogs]] Sk8 - Detail

Photo edited by me.



Poses: *Eternal Dream* Skater  @ [[GENRE]] (Board Included)


What I’m wearing:




Main –


What Krios is wearing:






Photo was taken at Crestwick Island is a small working class town situated on an Island in the middle of a beautiful bay.  It’s a beautiful location and well worth a walk around, if you want to rez poses you can join the group and request a resident tag.



Thanks to my long suffering partner in crime, Krios.  You can check out his awesome blog here.
As always you can check the full image from this post out at my Flickr here or more pictures of Crestwick Island and other locations around SL at my snapshot flickr here.


Theme for this post:



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