Just the way you are.


Luxe box has been delivered!  If you’re not sure what a Luxe box is, it’s a new shopping experience in Second Life that works like a real life subscription box service…but virtually!  Each month you pay to join their group and after the 15th of the month you’ll get a box full of goodies from some of the top designers on the grid, exclusively for Luxe box.

I have to say I was very impressed with the quality and range of goodies in this box, I’m wearing the Tres Blah dress with came in a plethora of designs and these seductive boots from Reign which were a fat pack!  That alone is well worth the price of the subscription for the box this month, but there was so much more!  This magika hair is totally divine, I really love the shine on it and the building I’m lounging in is from Scarlet Creative who really knocked it out of the park.

If you’d like more details on Luxe Box and how to get involved, you can go here to find out more & get in for the next awesome round!

Combined with the wonderful items from Luxe Box I’ve got some beautiful bracelets with sooo many customization choices from RealEvil industries and these enchanting frames which are a Rare from Plastik!  They come with a ton of choices for quotes and frame colours, they are one of my favorite things in the room.  Take a look below for more pictures.



Pose: Custom pose by {Soar}

Hair: Magika – Luxe Box: May. (Luxe Box)fc6adc8a4621baee4241d5ff7b2bfd64



Main –




Building: Scarlet Creative Aria Cottage 2. (Luxe Box)

Bed: tarte. kendall. (Luxe Box)

Chair: -tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Sofa Chair.

Wall decor:

General decor:





As always you can check the full image from this post out at my Flickr here or more pictures of the decor and some beautiful locations around SL at my snapshot flickr here.


My theme for this post:


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