Got an axe to grind!

Epiphany is absolutely phenomenal this round!  It’s well worth the wait to get in and you’ll be spoilt for choice with all the looks you can go for, there is a massive variety to pick from.

I’ve been a fan of Foxes forever and I was so hyped to see their offering for Epiphany, if you love post apocalyptic outfits this is one for you.  I tinted the panties from the bikini black to match my outfit and I love the little fox tail on the belt!

I’m wearing the catwa face paint new out from Ascend, it comes in 2 styles and thanks to the awesome Catwa hud it can be any colour you like.




POSES: Custom pose by {Soar}



Face paint:  [Ascend] Catwa paints 2.

Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Seeker Tattoo RARE. (@ Epiphany)

Knees: [E.F] Knees ‘n band aids.



Jacket: Foxes – Urban Fallout – Jacket – Dark RARE. (@ Epiphany)

Panties: Foxes – Urban Fallout – Bikini Bottoms. (@ Epiphany)

Boots: FDD Stories *Maureen* Fitmesh Boots RARE.


HAIR: Besom~ Ruby Said. (@ Epiphany)



Body harness: Quirky – Muse Harness – Common – Black. (@ Epiphany)

Middle harness: Razor/// Guardian Harness – Chest. (@ The 100 Block)

Belt: Foxes – Urban Fallout – Belt – Dark. (@ Epiphany)

Bracelet: O.M.E.N – Spiked Bracelet – Darkness.

Goggles: Foxes – Urban Fallout – Goggles – Dark.(@ Epiphany)

Earrings: RO – Arsenal – Gold.

Ears: [MANDALA] Steking ears – Season 5.

Gloves: **RE** Bad-Kitty Gloves L&R Pack 2 – RARE. (@ Epiphany)

Necklace : **RE** Bad-Kitty Necklace – Common – Black. (@ Epiphany)

Ring: RO – FAMOUS Ring – Gold.

knee harness: *MUKA* Leg Strap – Lara.

Upper leg harness: Razor/// Guardian Harness – Leg. (@ The 100 Block)

Axe: [The Forge] Salvage Axe, Brown. (@ Epiphany)

Knife: PFC~The Ripper – Sheath Leg.

Nails: . PUKI . My Long Square Nails.

Eye one: [Buzz] Glacier Eyes – Coyote. (@ Epiphany)

Eye two: [Buzz] Glacier Eyes – Ice. (@ Epiphany)








Today’s picture was taken at The Wastelands.  There are several sims all linked with a post apocalyptic theme and it’s residential as well as roleplay!  There is everything from arid desert and ruined cities to swamps and giant canyons!  Go check it out, it’s really amazing and the community there have built some beautiful things.


Cape of ruin


Special thanks to Terrenn Resident as I crashed their amazing home for my pictures!


As always you can check out the full images over on my Flickr here and more pictures of the Wastelands on my snapshot flickr here.

Theme tune for my post:


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