On the hunt.

You’re going to be spoilt for choice if you love primal outfits as much as I do with Aprils events!  TTS has an awesome dress by Moon Elixir which is stunning and then at We ❤ RP they have this beautiful top, skirt and leg warmer set.  The colour choices were fantastic and I just couldn’t say no.

I’ve used the PFC gloves and made the glovey part phantom to make some great arm wraps to match my outfit, I love Pucca for allowing modifications to her beautiful creations & having something for every occasion.

If you’re a gacha hoarder like me you’ll remember the mantle I’m wearing as a rare from many moons ago, I still find it perfect for a variety of outfits to give it a real rustic edge & always find anything from Alchemy is super well made.




POSE: Custom pose by { Soar }



Face paint:  [[Ascend]] Catwa face paint.

Body paint: .::BC::. Savage – Maitreya.



Top: Moon Elixir – Valkyrie – Vest. (We ❤ RP)

Skirt: Moon Elixir – Valkyrie – Loincloth. (We ❤ RP)

Feet: Moon Elixir – Valkyrie – Leg warmers. (We ❤ RP)

Shoulders: Alchemy – The Shaman- Bore Tusk Mantle – Leopard RARE.

Gloves: PFC – Fur gloves. (modded)


HAIR: Exile – Stay the Night.



Necklace: (Yummy) Faux jawbone necklace.

Septum piercing: (Yummy) Gold Septum Rings – Royal – RARE.

Nails: PUKI – My Short square nails.

Upper arm wraps: Eldritch. Fiacaill Wraps.









My photo was taken on location at Mysts of Eyr.  The scenery is totally breath taking and there is lots to choose from with swamps, jungles, beaches and a very scenic village.  It’s a roleplay sim, so if you want to go check it out pop on the Observer tag from the wall, respect the roleplay going on and you can get some beautiful shots or you might even find yourself joining in!


If you’d like some more information about Eyr you can find their website here.




You can find the full image from today’s blog over at my Flickr here as well as some more scenic shots of Eyr at my snapshot Flickr here.


My theme for today’s post:




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