Kings & Queens.


Uber started last night and if you’ve been lucky (or patient) enough to get in you’ll know it’s a fantastic round.  Honestly I was spoiled for choice with what to blog from my haul, but my favorite thing has to be the Blueberry / Little bones combo! Not only do you get hairs that work with the hood, 4 choices!  They work fine alone too.  Little Bones really outdid themselves this round and the hoody is just the right kind of sexy casual.  Just out on Marketplace is some awesome liners by Trash Magic, I’m rocking the white one tinted to match my outfit.

I took a trip to Everwinter  to find a fitting scene for this outfit, the sim is really worth a visit if you haven’t been before.  Check the video further down for more images of how awesome it is and a 3d peek at my outfit.









My amazing husband made a video showing the awesome items in this outfit in 3d as well as the awesomeness of the Everwinter sim.







My theme tune for this song:


And finally, you can see the full sized version of my blog picture on my Flickr.



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