Deep in the forest…


Another joint post between Krios & I because our socks (or, er…bone anklets!) were knocked off by newest creations from Pucca Firecaster!

It’s the most AMAZING set, perfect for primal roleplay scenarios or if you just fancy a teepee in the backyard!  There are several different versions of all the buildings, jungle, winter and woodsy for you to pick from as well as the other bits that can be used in a variety of ways – like the walkways being our goat fence!  The possibilities are really endless, you can head over to her sim to take a peek at it now and let your imagination go as wild as ours did!

We wanted to show you how super fantastic it all was, so take a peek at our first ever machinima!  We included a ton of designers we absolutely adore for building beautiful roleplay landscapes, you can find a full list of them at the bottom of this post.

Here’s the video:




Top: PFC – Wild.

Pants:  Yasum – Mad leathers.

Waist: PFC – Voodoo skirt.


Hair+Spellbound+ Warrior.



Face: [Ascend] Catwa face paint.

Shoulder: PFC – Raven Pauldron.

Neck: .Eldritch. Cnamh Necklace.

Arms: PFC – Wild arm cords.

Back: PFC – Wrap of arrows.

Weapon: PFC – Black Sorrow.





Chest: PFC~Bones

Groin: PFC~Bones

Boots: PFC~Furboot

Cape: PFC~General

HAIR: booN MWO577

BEARD: DECO – MESH Shifty Beard



Choker:  PFC~Bones.

Mask:  PFC~Bones.

Crown: PFC~Bones

Staff: PFC~Bones

Horn: PFC~Bones


And now, for the village:









Here’s the full credit list for all the creators we used in making the village:


Featured Creators:


Studio Skye





Bad Eddy’s

3D Trees


Artisan Fantasy






. a i s l i n g .

Kei Spot




& here’s how we used them…

Studio Skye – Enchanted woods
Studio Skye – Twisted tree
Studio Skye – Oak tree
Studio Skye – Alligator Apple bush.
Heart – Grass patch.
Heart – Mesh boulder.
Botanical – Wood fern.
HPMD* Sweet garden grass ivy.
HPMD* Garden Vines.
3d Trees – Forest accessories kit.  (Ferns, ground.)
[DDD] Draping Ivy.
Bad Eddy’s – Hiding log.

Outside scenery:

PFC~Woods’ camp – platform (used for the goat pen too)
PFC~Woods’ camp – shoring
PFC~Woods’ camp – shelter
PFC~Woods’ camp – teepee
PFC~Woods’ camp – hut 1 & 2
PFC~Flag – Viking
PFC~Bosk Cart
PFC~Box o’ bones
PFC~Woods’ camp – fire
JIAN – Chester the Goats.
Bad Eddy’s –  Hiding water barrel.
Bad Eddy’s – Display poles.
*AF* Stony Hollow Tannery Rack.
*AF* Stony Hollow Hanging Pots 2.
8f8 – New beginnings – Hen set.
[Tia] Dungeon fires – Tall braziers
*AF* Renaissance Fur Rug
{RW} Fletching Arrows Work Set [with Bow]
+Half-Deer+ Northern Cardinal F
PFC~Hot Barrel
*AF* Stony Hollow Hanging Pots

Building one:

[Shade] Primal Furs
[Tia] Dungeon Fires – Cauldron Brazier.
[Tia] Ranged Weapons Rearmer
[Tia] Scavengers Oven
. a i s l i n g . Grid Couch
.a i s l i n g. Ron Frame
.a i s l i n g. Barrels
Kei’s Making Soup Chore
[DDD] Little Log Pile

Building two:

[Tia] Dungeon Fires – Cauldron Brazier.
PFC~The Crate
PFC~Hot Barrel

Building three:

[Tia] Dungeon Fires – Cauldron Brazier
Dutchie Gorean furs
[Tia] Bear floor rugs
PFC~Hunter’s rest
Stockholm&Lima: The Talisman Throne
Stockholm&Lima: The Spellbound Settee


Credits also to :

Catwa – both Krios and I are using her amazing mesh heads.

TWI – The dogs and eagle are both their amazing avatars.

Maitreya, Slink & TMP – for the hands, feet and bodies shown.

[MANDALA] – For our epic ears.



Krios’s awesome Blog can be found here and his Flickr can be found here.


And finally, here’s my post Theme tune:









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