What do you get if you cross little red ridinghood, the wolf and the Huntsman?  This outfit!  Now where oh where is grandma….

I love Reigns shoes, they make something for every outfit and they always fit soooo well.  I had a bit of a field day in the Black Friday sales there so I have a closet full of their beautiful creations.

Atomic does some really fun hairs that mostly appear as gacha, this was from several Arcades ago but I still find it super adorable.




POSE:  { Soar } Lumberjack’d set.

Top: Foxes – Boyfriend shirt.

Pants:  – Pixicat – Klara Jeans.

Shoes: REIGN – Quinn Boots.


Hair: [Atomic] Hair // Howling // platinum.



Bag: PFC – Woodsman’s pack.







Hipster or Lumberjack?  This set will let everyone know!  Grab it now on our Marketplace.





You can find the full picture on my Flickr.


And finally, my theme for this post:






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